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Stunning White Ferrari 599 GTO SA Aperta Makes Red Look Redundant

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There's just something about a car in a non-signature color.

The Ferrari 599 is a little long in the tooth now, launched way back in 2006, but as usual with marques like this, we were guaranteed to see a special edition or two leave Maranello. The more powerful GTO version was released in 2010, and just after that, was the 599 SA Aperta. The SA Aperta was created to honor legendary designers Sergio and Andrea Pininfarina, and just 80 models of the GTO-engined car were made. The 6.0-liter V12 was the fastest Ferrari at the time.

That 599 GTO powerplant churned out a pretty damn impressive 661 horsepower with 640 lb-ft of torque that enabled the long Ferrari to hit 62 mph in just 3.6 seconds with a top speed of 202 mph. The car has a Formula 1-derived six-speed sequential transmission that allows downshifts in just 120 milliseconds, and power goes to the rear wheels only. All-wheel drive would have been quite the mission with that front-mid engine layout we're sure. The Aperta also sits 0.4-inches lower than the usual 599 and features a thicker rear anti-roll bar and recalibrated magnetic dampers to sharpen up the handling characteristics. Overall a great improvement and made more desirable thanks to the limited numbers.

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We've seen the normal 599 selling for over a million dollars, but this one costs a lot more. That's because it's the most special of the Apertas being the 1/80 car. Another thing the car has got going for it is the paint that's called Avorio, which translates to ivory. We quite like Ferraris that don't wear the signature Rosso Red paint. A brown interior is also the perfect complement to the body paint. We spotted the rare 599 over at James Edition, where the car is listed at close on $1,300,000. The car has just 1624 miles on the clock and seems to come with all the options, books, and is Ferrari Classiche Certified. To get this car in your hands, you'll need to head to the Netherlands where it currently resides.