Stupid Decisions Mean That Chrysler Could Be Gone By The End Of The Decade

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It almost seems like FCA is trying to kill off Chrysler.

In a sarcastically shocking turn of events, Chrysler has screwed itself by not partaking in what could have been one of its best attempts to become relevant again by axing plans for a crossover. In a time where every car company is building crossovers and expanding SUV lineups, Chrysler can't afford to cut out potential sales, even if it is under the FCA wing. The crossover was proposed in 2012 and in 2014, we found out that it would be based off of the Town and Country (now the Pacifica) minivan platform.

The news was reported by the Windsor Star and is based on speculation by Auto Forecast Solutions, which specializes in predicting changes in the auto market. The same source also said that the Pacifica would remain on sale until 2019, which extends the previous production run that was only confirmed until 2017. Without an SUV, Chrysler's lineup will be made up of the Pacifica, the 200, and the 300. Talk about a snore. The fact that the 200, which doubles as Consumer Reports' worst car of the year, is going out, leaves just the 300. The 300 is in hot water of its own, with talks of switching the rear-wheel drive sedan to front-wheel drive or even axing it entirely. Whatever Chrysler's future holds, this may be FCA's way of killing off the brand slowly.

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