Style and Class: Bentley Continental GT Mulliner Styling

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Remember going to a fancy restaurant or having a large family gathering and your parents made you dress up and put on a suit? The Bentley Continental GT Mulliner Styling Classic is basically the same thing, but for a Bentley Continental GT. The Mulliner Styling Specification has already been outfitted on the Continental GTC and it has now been placed on one of Bentley's latest models. A specially designed black high-gloss carbon-fiber gives the Mulliner its look.


Bentley uses a weaving pattern and 'mirror matching' process to give the Continental GT a flowing appearance. The carbon fiber seems to slide into place with a smooth finish. The Bentley Continental GT Mulliner Styling includes a restyled front bumper and a lower splitter with strakes integrated into the lower air intake grilles. It also has side extension blades and a rear diffuser all from the same carbon-fiber. Optional carbon rear spoiler, door mirror cowls and front wing vent bezels are available.

Head designer Raul Pires said recently: "The Mulliner Styling Specification, with its sharper lines and darker, lower appearance subtly underscores the extrovert, flamboyant nature of our new Coupe. It delivers a more personalized, sportive interpretation of a luxurious, refined GT." The Mulliner Styling Specification looks terrific and gives the Bentley a gorgeous sense of self and class. The Bentley Continental GT has a base price of $189,900, while pricing for the Mulliner Styling Specification begins at a cool extra $9,775. The full Continental GT with all Mulliner custom carbon fiber runs an extra $29,659.

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