Stylish Lamborghini Aventador Crashes Into Wall After Overtaking Fail

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That's what can happen if you get cocky in a 700-hp supercar.

With similar styling to Jay Leno's gorgeous Ford GT, this matte black Lamborghini Aventador with orange trim ended up perched precariously over a ditch after attempting and failing to overtake fellow road users in Malaysia. According to local publication, The Sun Daily, the driver of the V12 Lambo was making a left turn while trying to overtake a Perodua Myvi (a car native to Malaysia based on the Daihatsu Boon). As you can see, the maneuver did not end well.

The Aventador driver lost control, clipped the car, crashed into a Proton Persona sitting at the traffic lights, and ended up flying headfirst into a wall. Local police said that it sees these sorts of incidents all the time, describing the three-car pileup as "nothing out of the ordinary." The fact that a Lamborghini was involved is the only reason it's been given any attention. Obviously. It's always hard to see spectacular exotics in such a sad state of affairs. Clearly the damage isn't permanent, although the repair bill will doubtless be more than the two cars he wiped out put together. New wheels and suspension on an Aventador don't come cheap.

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