Subaru 9-6 Crossover Unearthed


The long-lost Subaru-Saab crossover looks like it will finally emerge from hiding as the 9-6X.

In a previous era, General Motors controlled Saab and owned a 20 percent share of Subaru. To make a quick buck, pre-bankruptcy GM decided that they would re-badge Subaru's and sell them as high-end Saabs. Nicknamed the Saabaru Project, the only product off the line was the loved by owners-hated by critics Saab 9-2x. Basically, the 9-2x had a reworked front fascia and was a Subaru Impreza WRX hatchback with a new interior.

The very next year in 1995 GM sold their Subaru shares back to Fuji Heavy Industries, the Japanese automaker's parent company. The Saabaru Project also led to the development of the Saab 9-6 concept. Built on the Subaru B9 Tribeca crossover, the 9-6 was lost and forgotten by time, until it was recently unveiled at the Saab Museum in Trollhattan, Sweden. The mysterious and elusive car-that-never-was was discovered and photographed by Saabsunited founder Steven Wade. Wade also contends that GM developed a three-door prototype of the 9-6 but its location is unknown.

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The Saab 9-6 looks typical of a GM rebadging process. The car rocks a Saab nose plus a few minor tweaks to the exterior and interior trim. Saab recently announced the launch of three new models and amongst them was a 9-6X crossover. It will be developed jointly with partner Zhejian Youngman Lotus Automobile.