Subaru and the New Design

The Subaru Impreza is clearly a work of art. The saloon concept is set to influence the styling of the automaker's whole range over the next few years. The Impreza concept is the first look at how Subaru's styling language will embody the brand's new motto, 'Confidence in Motion.' We immediately notice that its main features are a strong, Volvo S60-like shoulder line, a distinctive hexagonal grille opening and a wing that cuts across the frontal area of the car.

Chief designer, Osamu Namba, has said that the goal is to provide a new design direction for Subaru. The concept is intended to herald more cohesive designs at Subaru, and the Impreza concept is the perfect choice to showcase it. Most of Subaru's forthcoming cars are likely to feature the hexagonal grille treatment and the new "hawk eye" headlights. Most will also adopt the concept's lower, wider stance. The SUV and crossover models will have more than one of the horizontal wing motifs across the front grille, but we'll have to wait to see those.

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