Subaru And Toyota Are Cooking Up A New Car

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But what could it be?

Today, news arrived that Subaru and Toyota Gazoo Racing would be looking to "further strengthen their cooperation and introduce a new vehicle as a symbolic achievement." But what vehicle might that be? Subaru recently teased its most capable off-road Outback yet, but this car is "the next evolution of Subaru", so it's unlikely that Toyota would suddenly have any involvement in it.

In fact, it looked like the two companies were falling apart, after it was discovered that Toyota is intentionally delaying the new 86 so that it's better than Subaru's BRZ. Apparently, relations between the two marques are just fine, as the pair will jointly hold an online talk session next month, during which the new vehicle will be revealed.

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Obviously, it's unlikely although not impossible that Toyota GR and Subaru are going to release some hotter version of the 86 and BRZ twins, but one thing is for sure: Gazoo Racing's involvement essentially guarantees that the new vehicle will be a performance car. It won't be on the same level as the skunkworks team's hybrid hypercar for Le Mans, and it won't be the M3-powered Supra that we've been teased with for so long. All we know for sure is that this talk session is going to focus on the topic of "making better cars", but with the way that the industry is going, words like that could indicate a hybrid or electric sportscar collaboration.

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Another possibility that exists is that Toyota GR and Subaru will partner on some kind of off-road special. After all, both parties have extensive off-road motorsports experience, and some kind of fun-to-drive off-road adventure vehicle may not be out of the question. We'll have to wait for Monday, April 5 to learn more about this new vehicle, but in the meantime, we'll just have to be patient and speculate amongst ourselves. What else could the car be? Are there any possibilities that we haven't considered here? Let us know your thoughts, and check back here for more updates as and when they become available.

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