Subaru and Toyota Are Teaming To Produce Another Epic Sports Car


Hopefully copious amounts of horsepower is a priority.

Things are getting spicy for Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S enthusiasts with the announcement of higher-powered versions of the car coming, but it gets better. According to Subaru president Yasuyuki Yoshinaga, his company and Toyota are at work creating the next generation of the BRZ and FR-S. The car was targeted to people who use the terms "oversteer" and "driver's car" to lessen the gap between light, two-door rear-wheel drive cars and the high prices they usually come with.

Chevy built the Corvette for this purpose too, but retired old men seem to be the only people who can afford them, so Subaru and Toyota targeted this vehicle at car-savvy post-graduates. While both companies are working together on the project, neither has confirmed just when the release will be. Although Subaru's president did say this: "We have already agreed with Toyota we will do a full model change. We have not decided when it will be introduced." Lets just hope that the raw driving characteristics enabled by the manual transmission, bare-bones build approach, and rear power delivery will be preserved.

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