Subaru BRZ And Toyota GR Yaris Sound Epic With New Exhaust

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The sound is absolutely phenomenal.

Gearheads wailed in protest when Toyota announced the GR Yaris wouldn't be making its way over to the United States. Thankfully, the Japanese automaker responded to the collective outcry and appeased fans when it said the GR Corolla will be making its way stateside. Spurred on by popular culture, the JDM scene enjoys a great following in the USA.

Part of Japanese car culture revolves around tuning your vehicle, not only to personalize it but make it sportier, too. With that in mind, specialists Frequency Intelligent Exhausts (Fi Exhaust) have announced the advent of a JDM-themed product range designed to give Japanese sports cars a throatier exhaust note. The latest to receive the treatment is the GR Yaris and the Subaru BRZ.

Fi Exhaust Fi Exhaust Fi Exhaust Fi Exhaust

The company notes the unique performance exhaust system is designed to heighten the driving experience. Intelligent valvetronic technology affords customers the best of both worlds; you can go about your daily driving duties with a subdued exhaust note but, once you hit the track, the valves can be opened for improved airflow and a gorgeous exhaust note.

When fitted, the exhaust gives the BRZ a boisterous sound, with rally car-aping pops and crackles. When equipped with the company's Catback and Sport 200Cell Downpipe system, the cheeky GR Yaris emits a deep, baritone exhaust note that you'd expect from something far bigger. Then again, Toyota's incredible hot hatch has always punched above its weight. Fashioned out of high-grade T304 stainless steel, the bolt-on systems should prove easy to install.

Exhaust tips are entirely customizable; if you want a gold, black, or carbon fiber finish, Fi Exhaust will be happy to oblige.

Fi Exhaust Fi Exhaust Fi Exhaust Fi Exhaust

Japan's biggest icons haven't been left out, either. Fi Exhaust offers as many as three options for Nissan GT-R drivers. Owners of both pre-facelift and facelifted models can choose from either the Ultimate Power, Race, or Super Sport versions of the exhaust.

The company describes Ultimate Power as the loudest and most powerful option, with the Race version following closely. As the name suggests, the intermediate option provides a racy exhaust note. Super Sport is for those who prefer to drive their vehicles daily, providing a quieter exhaust note courtesy of the closing valves.

Both the 2.0-liter and 3.0-liter variants of the Toyota GR Supra are also catered to, with Fi Exhaust noting more than 500 Supra owners are currently enjoying the melodious sound afforded by its aftermarket systems. No specific output increases are given, but the company says BRZ owners can expect a 5% to 10% bump in horsepower.

Fi Exhaust Fi Exhaust Fi Exhaust Fi Exhaust Fi Exhaust Fi Exhaust

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