Subaru BRZ Looks Mean With Menacing Makeover

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Now, all it needs is a turbo.

Kuhl Racing has unveiled its new products for the 2022 Subaru BRZ.

To demonstrate its latest offerings, Kuhl chose the famous WR Blue used on many Subaru WRC cars years ago. Lately, Kuhl has had a bit of a hit-and-miss affair with the automotive industry. Its body kit for the Toyota RAV4 looks good from certain angles, but the gold Nissan GT-R was just too much.

For the new year, the range of the products has been split in two. The Kruise brand will offer simple aerodynamic and sporty upgrades, while Kuhl Racing will sell high-end aerodynamics for track racing.


The car you see here features several new products, starting with the Blitz-R 45mm suspension drop. In addition to the drop, the camber is also changed by three degrees.

The 19-inch alloys are part of Kuhl's Verz Wheels range and are called the KCVO3 Deep Concave five-spoke. Looking at the wheel closer, you'll note that it has two steps, giving it a three-dimensional appearance. To ensure it doesn't rub, Kuhl shod the alloys with 225/35 low profile rubber from Falken.

Oddly, these parts will not just slip onto the Toyota GR 86. The tires rub on the front and rear fenders if you run the same setup. However, Kuhl says that it has the right tires and camber adjustment for the 86.


As for the aerodynamic bits, we'll start at the front. You'll note a thin diffuser with side flanks that bolts to the existing bumper. It lowers the ground clearance at the front by just 10 mm, so you won't struggle to get in and out of underground parking lots. The front diffuser can be matched to the body color, or you can have it in black for a bit of contrast.

The rear also gets a bolt-on diffuser with side flanks and four fins at the bottom. The most notable difference is the bigger Kuhl mufflers.

Kuhl also says that it has already worked on a unique kit for the GR 86 and will be introduced soon. These are not the only products developed for these new compact sports cars. In January, Kuhl will debut more aftermarket products for these cars at the upcoming 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon. These body kits were teased earlier this week, and they look pretty aggressive.


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