Subaru BRZ Owner Risks His Life To Save Sports Car From Burning

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The incident happened in Toronto, Canada, where an alleged GMC Sierra HD was burning next to a BRZ.

Would you risk your life to save your car from burning to the ground? This Subaru BRZ owner thought so, and as you can see from the TikTok video below, the risk was worth taking as the BRZ managed to leave the scene without damage.

The video was shot in Toronto, Canada, where a GMC Sierra HD's engine bay was burning. The fire got so big it soon consumed the truck with the BRZ parked next to it at risk of catching alight too. Before that could happen, the owner of the first-generation BRZ braved the fire and drove the sports car away from the imminent danger.

In hindsight, the owner should have used the passenger side for safer entry as the truck's front left tire exploded as he was about to enter the driver's side. Fortunately, it seemed he wasn't injured during that incident.

Moments later, the firefighters arrived and put out the fire in no time. Good thing the Subaru BRZ isn't equipped with a lithium-ion battery as it might've burned to the ground due to the thermal runaway effect. In 2019, a burning Tesla Model S was only extinguished after discharging 30,000 gallons of water.


The owner didn't only save his car but also potentially the others parked next to them. But for what it's worth, we think no one should put their lives at risk in dangerous situations like this.

The latest Subaru BRZ comes powered by a 2.4-liter engine that is hampered by engine failure issues and its Toyota counterpart the 86 has also been on the wrong end of an engine fire.


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