Subaru BRZ Special Edition Won't Have a Turbo

We're still waiting on that STI-badged BRZ. Will it ever happen?

It appears that Subaru is going to disappoint us once again. But this time bland design won't be the reason. Ever since the BRZ first launched, enthusiasts have been eagerly waiting for a factory-spec turbocharged variant to arrive. Sure, you can easily get an aftermarket turbo unit, but BRZ STI still sounds awfully cool. So instead of doing just that, Subaru is reportedly planning to unveil a special edition BRZ in the very near future with just a few aesthetic updates.

Instead of more power, Subaru will be offering exterior modifications like a new front lip spoiler, unique wheels, and (get this) STI badging. At most, there may even be special side skirts and a new rear wing. That’s it. No more power. No handling improvements along the lines of the Japan-only BRZ tS. A special edition BRZ is fine and all, but a real BRZ STI with some extra ponies and improved handling is what’s really desired. Subaru, we’re still waiting.

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