Subaru BRZ STI is in Development

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Subaru all but confirm the potent STI version of the BRZ is in the making, and could well be followed by a roadster.

Last year's LA Auto Show witnessed the unveiling of the BRZ STI Concept, and now Subaru have hinted that it may soon arrive in production form, closely followed by a roadster. Speaking in an interview with Auto Express, global marketing manager Atoshi Atake said: "We have already had many requests from interested customers regarding a faster version. "Let me say this - we will certainly satisfy our customers. We are already working on a faster version."

Under the hood will be a more potent version of the 197hp 2.0-liter flat-four boxer from the standard BRZ and is likely to produce around 250hp. "We can definitely develop the intake system," Atake said. "There is certainly room for improvement there." A freer-flowing sports exhaust, revised variable valve control system and a high rev limit of around 7,500rpm is also expected. A turbocharger is not on the cards however, as there is no space for an intercooler. "Plus, we want to keep turbocharging separate. It is for models like the WRX STI," said Atake.

"The same goes for four-wheel drive. We could not make the BRZ four-wheel drive even if we wanted to." A supercharger is also out of the question as it would make the BRZ too heavy on gas. More power will be married to less weight (the standard car tips the scales at 1,250kg) thanks to racing bucket seats as well as potentially using a carbon-fiber hood and roof, which would also further lower the car's center-of-gravity. Other modifications include an aggressive body kit, stiffened and lowered suspension, 18-inch alloys and high-performance brakes.

And what about a BRZ convertible? "Yes, that is certainly possible. We already have pillarless doors - you can imagine how removing the roof would make the car look," concluded Atake. Photos displayed are of the Subaru BRZ STI Concept.

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