Subaru BRZ tS is Basically a Fake BRZ STI

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It's still no STI.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Subaru got all of our hopes up when it teased some images of what appeared to be the BRZ STI. You know, the long-rumored turbocharged version of that wonderful coupe. Many got excited (rightly so) by this and it looked as if the Japanese automaker would be unveiling the BRZ STI at any time. Then we all got stabbed in the back. Those teased images turned out to be nothing but the BRZ tS, a Japanese market only watered down BRZ STI. It has "STI" badges, body work, etc. but no extra power.

Still, the car does look pretty good and Subaru has now released the first official images of it. Other upgrades include Brembo brakes, 18-inch forged aluminum wheels, new tires and, of course, that large rear wing. Handling was also a focus as Subaru tuned the suspension at the Nurburgring, amongst other famous tracks. Some aerodynamic upgrades include a new front lip spoiler and side sills. The interior includes Recaro bucket seats, leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift knob, Alcantara trim along and plenty of STI logos splattered throughout. Just 500 examples will be built. We're still waiting for the real BRZ STI. Anytime Subaru, anytime.

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