Subaru BRZ Unleashed on Isle of Man

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Stock and rally-spec BRZs play in the rain on the TT circuit.

Equidistant from the UK and Ireland, slap bang in the middle of the Irish Sea, the Isle of Man is famed for its lethal TT motorcycle racing event and absence of any speed limits.

Being the same size as Columbus, Ohio, but with about a tenth of the population, the island is fairly sparse, which combined with being able to go as fast you dare, makes it one of the best places to drive in the world. Automobile magazine's Jason Cammisa came to the island to check out this year's deadly Tourist Trophy race, but as the heavy rain intefered, he opted instead to thrash around the treacherous race route (a mere 37.75 km long) in a Subaru BRZ before riding shotgun with WRC champ Mark Higgins in a rally-prepped BRZ.

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