Subaru BRZ Will See a Second-Generation


But will it continue to be a GT86/FR-S twin?

Late last month, there was a rumor going around claiming Subaru's BRZ may end up being a one-generation wonder. The reason was that Toyota, who co-developed the BRZ and GT86/FR-S twins, began a new sports car alliance with BMW that will hopefully see a reborn Supra. Simply put, Toyota may drop Subaru in favor of BMW. If that were to happen, a second-generation BRZ would be unlikely. However, Subaru has been quick to clarify its position on this one.

According to Automotive News, Yasuyuki Yoshinaga, president of Subaru's parent company Fuji Heavy Industries, says a BRZ successor will happen after all. In response to the original rumor of the BRZ's short life, Yoshinaga said that "If I were to be told that, I'd pass out. It's not going to be just one generation." So there you have it. The Subaru head honcho himself has confirmed that the BRZ, despite its recent sluggish sales, will live on. What's unknown is whether or not the next-gen BRZ will still even be a twin to the GT86. Perhaps it'll be time for Subaru to develop this car by itself. In the meantime, Subaru, how about that BRZ STI?

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