Subaru Concept Could Tease New WRX Hot Hatch

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Or a hot wagon. We'll gladly take both.

Subaru has unveiled the first teaser image of its latest concept, the Viziv Tourer, which will be making its live debut next month at the Geneva Motor Show. This is not the first, nor likely the last, of the Viziv concepts, but this one in particular intrigues us. Why? Because it's a tourer, meaning a wagon or hatchback. Perhaps a cross between the two? The previous concept was the Viziv Performance, which is said to be a fairly clear indicator of the styling for the upcoming next generation WRX and WRX STI.

If you recall, the fourth generation WRX STI was available as both a sedan and hot hatch, but the latter was dropped for the current fifth generation model. Granted not everyone was a fan of the hatchback variant, but it did offer many conveniences, mainly increased cargo space. Given the huge success of the Ford Focus RS as well as the Volkswagen Golf R, it would make sense for Subaru to dive back into the AWD hot hatchback game. At the moment, Subaru is not giving away any additional details aside from the teaser. So far there have been five previous Viziv concepts, most of which provided a preview for a future production model. We hope this remains true in the case of the Viziv Tourer.

Based on the styling of the Viziv Performance, a hatchback would make a mighty fine addition. Oh, and in case you're wondering what exactly "Viziv" means, it's derived from the phrase "Vision for Innovation." We'll bring you more details once they arrive and we'll be on hand at Geneva for even more interesting details.


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