Subaru Concludes Road to Gymkhana 2022 With Part 3

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It tells the story of the insane helicopter jump.

Subaru has released a series of videos that delve behind the scenes of the latest insane and seemingly physics-defying Hoonigan Gymkhana film shot in Florida.

If you still need to see it, we've dropped the video below, and you're welcome. If you've already seen it, it's worth watching again before delving into the behind-the-scenes videos.

As a quick refresher, Travis Pastrana takes an 862 horsepower Subaru Wagon to Florida, runs through a window, and jumps off a balcony before doing lots of drifting and crazy stuff like drifting circles around a monster truck doing an endo, racing a fighter jet, and jumping over a helicopter. All in the name of exquisite car control and showing off an insane Subaru Wagon build.

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In part 3, we see more of the insane amount of work and coordination that goes into making a 10-minute video like this, starting with the ridiculous emulation of a skateboard rail slide jump with a car.

Then, of course, Subaru loves the publicity of Pastrana hooning around in an old-style car (named the Subaru GL Family Huckster) with their badge. Still, the real money shot for the brand is getting him into the new WRX and showing what it can do for the end credits. Of course, Subaru needs its product placement, and Hoonigan needs to get paid, but hats off to the brand for not forcing the new Subaru WRX into the main video.

The documentary video also details the big stunt of the piece, jumping the helicopter.

YouTube/ Subaru

Not only is it a big, dangerous stunt, but behind-the-scenes wrangling with the municipal government led to Hoonigan donating to a local park. As it's Travis Pastrana, who was a famous skateboarder before turning his hand to motorsport, it involves a skatepark.

The stunt is dangerous enough that stunt-coordinator Eliza Coleman had her reservations. Still, Technician Lance Smith put it best, saying, "sometimes I don't think that some of the stunts he does get, like, the reward it deserves for how dangerous it is." Pastrana had to hit the jump at just over 108 mph.

It's a great point, and let's also point out the steady hand and nerve of the helicopter pilot, Floyd Ingram, who sat between two large pieces of concrete and let a lunatic in an 862-horsepower station wagon jump over him.

YouTube/ Subaru

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