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Subaru Driver Blames Animal For Mounting Tesla Model S


Looking at the photos, you would think this was a staged Hollywood stunt.

Here’s something you don’t see every day – a Subaru Outback parked precariously on top of a Tesla Model S. This bizarre accident happened in Beverley Hills, California, a few days ago, when, as you can see from the photos, the driver of the Outback somehow managed to wedge the passenger side front wheel onto the C-pillar of the Model S. It looks like a staged Hollywood stunt, but the photos were posted on Facebook by the Beverly Hills Police Department before you question their authenticity. So how did this unusual accident happen?

According to the police, the Outback driver "swerved to avoid a fox or a dog” before the SUV mounted the parked Tesla Model S. The most miraculous part of the story is that neither vehicle appears to have sustained any cosmetic damage, although the quality of the images isn’t very high. Still, if there is any damage, it shouldn’t cost too much to repair. That said, the Subaru could have suffered some suspension damage, which won’t be cheap to repair. The window of the Tesla didn’t even break according to the authorities.

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It isn’t known how fast the Subaru was traveling at the time of the accident, so we can’t really judge if the driver was driving too fast on the residential roads to stop in time. Frankly, it’s fortunate the Subaru didn’t roll over. It’s obviously extremely embarrassing for the unfortunate driver of the Subaru, but this accident could have been so much worse.