Subaru Races WRX STI Down Bobsled Course


If a Mini barely fits in one, how should a full-size sedan do it?

Fans of the Clarkson era Top Gear may remember the episode when James May decided to race an Olympic bobsleigh down a makeshift rally course covered in snow, and while the Mini wasn’t exactly poorly suited for such an endeavor, we’d wager a Subaru WRX STI, essentially a thinly disguised rally car, would be a bit better at handing the work. That car is just what Subaru decided to send down St. Moritz-Celerina, an Olympic bobsled course that in no way is modified to handle a full-size sedan.

Partway through the video, that simple fact becomes apparent, with the Subie ramming its nose in tight slippery corners and hammering its roof after coming too hot off the banked turns. One may begin to wonder what driver would be crazy enough to pull off such a feat, and then you come to the video description.

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Mark Higgins would be that insane asylum escapee, the same man who holds the record for fastest lap of the Isle Of Man in a car. Apparently not satisfied with that win, Subaru decides to let Higgins display the main advantage a rally car has over a bobsled: the fact that it’s not powered by gravity and therefore can use its engine to get back up the hill. We wish we could say this counts as Subaru singlehandedly dominating an entire sport, but we’d need to see it race an actual Olympic bobsled rider first.