Subaru Forester STi Coming November 25

Teaser / Comments

It should be more than just a badge this time.

After unveiling its Japan-only Forester STi tS concept last month, Subaru is now teasing another performance version of its small SUV, this time simply badged the Forester STi. The company has released a few teaser images and promises that this will be a true performance model, however it is yet unclear what markets it will hit or what performance modifications the stock Forester will receive. It will, however, gain a beefy body kit, new brakes and bigger wheels, a front lip spoiler and special paint and trim accents.

The Forester STi will also feature a 'more sporty' suspension setup, and is expected to receive a more powerful engine. Unfortunately, sources say it is unlikely to be the WRX STi's 305 horsepower 2.5-liter turbocharged boxer. Stay tuned for more details as the November 25 reveal date approaches.

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