Subaru Has A Very Good Sales Problem On Its Hands

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Automakers would kill to have this issue.

Subaru is currently scrambling to increase production of its vehicles as demand has soared. The Japanese automaker achieved its sixth consecutive record-braking year and hit its North America sales goal of 600,000 models moved five years ahead of schedule. Sales are still soaring, which has required the company to increase production of its vehicles to avoid shortages. In an interview with Automotive News, president of Subaru parent Fuji Heavy Industries, Yasuyuki Yoshinaga, revealed the automaker's strategies to increase production.


"If we have to increase production capacity, it will be in the US because that is where the demand is," stated Yoshinaga. Subaru plans to increase production capacity at its factory in Lafayette, Indiana, and will add production of the redesigned Impreza compact next year. Subaru will free up some space by ceasing production of the Toyota Camry and plans to increase annual production for Subaru vehicles to 394,000 (up from 200,000) by the end of 2016. The expansion plan will include production lines for the redesigned Impreza, Legacy sedan, Outback crossover and a new three-row crossover will be built in 2018. Most automakers worry about how to sell more cars, not how to make more to meet demand. Life must be hard for Subaru.

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