Subaru Is Reportedly Testing A Mid-Engine Hybrid With Over 330 HP

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This could be the Japanese sports car that puts Germany on notice.

By now you probably know that Subaru is the hottest car company in America. Last year Subaru smashed its yearly sales record in the month of November. Then we learned that the automaker's biggest problem was a lack of cars to meet demand. Now Car and Driver has learned that the company may be cooking up something very special. A source close to Subaru told the outlet that American dealerships were asking for a special and unique model. Here's what Subaru is reportedly answering with.

The source says Subaru is testing a performance prototype with a hybrid powertrain. The gas engine would be a turbocharged boxer mounted midship sending power to the rear wheels. Up front would be two electric motors powering the front wheels. All that awesome is currently fitted to a BRZ because that's the only rear-wheel-drive car Subaru has in its lineup. Despite the fact that it's on a sports car the prototype isn't a lock to be a two-door, although the chances are good. "Whether the end result will be a two-door sports coupe or some kind of sports crossover/CUV is still in the evaluation stage. A coupe seems more likely, though," the mole told Car and Driver.

A mid-engined hybrid Subaru sports car would be the automaker's craziest creation ever and would be one hell of a halo car. The company has grown its footprint on the back of SUVs and crossovers but it certainly hasn't forgotten its go-fast roots. Car and Driver expects this prototype to have a torque-vectoring system like the one on the new Acura NSX and to push potentially 330 horsepower (or higher). This type of tech, powertrain and performance would be wasted in a crossover or SUV and we think Subaru knows that. Halo cars don't often double as family haulers, after all. Regardless of what we think or want we'll have to wait. Apparently this prototype won't break cover for another two years or so, if it ever does.

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The waiting is always the hardest part but we're fine doing just that if this prototype is as awesome as it sounds. Also, note that these concept images are of the Subaru Viziv GT Vision Gran Turismo concept.

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