Subaru Levorg Another Wagon About To Bite The Dust


Crossovers continue to win. Even in Europe. This article has been updated from its original post.

Although it's never been sold in the U.S., the Subaru Levorg wagon has been on the wish list for American wagon fans for a few years. If you wanted one, you had to live in Europe, Japan, or any other overseas market where it's sold. But not for much longer because it's time is running out. While chatting with Subaru UK PR rep Dev Mistry at Geneva, it was revealed Subaru's other crossovers-the XV and Forester-are essentially killing the Levorg. The crossover fever that's swept America has spread to Europe and Japan.

Mistry could not provide an exact time frame as to when the Levorg will be lowered into its eternal grave, but its discontinuation does make sense, business wise. What's interesting is while affordable station wagons, such as the Levorg, are nearly gone, premium wagons like the all-new Volvo V60 are making a comeback of sorts. In the U.S., you can buy the Audi A4 Allroad, and it will be soon followed by a new A6 Avant based on the also just revealed A6 sedan. There's also the new Mazda6 wagon, but as far as we know it also won't be arriving stateside. What many Subaru enthusiasts like about the Levorg was the existence of the Japanese-market only Levorg STI Sport.

With a pair of turbocharged flat-fours and a maximum of 296 hp, the Levorg STI Sport focused more on cutting weight than upgraded performance. Subaru's in-house tuner, Subaru Tecnica International, was put in charge of this particular project, which-disappointingly-came only with a CVT. But in any case, the Levorg's life is being cut short by the very same forces that had a hand in killing off mainstream wagons in the US. For Subaru enthusiasts holding out a glimmer of hope for the Levorg being given a U.S. visa, best stop now. Very soon it won't even be there to import anyway.

UPDATE: Subaru UK reached out to us in order to clarify the future of the Levorg. First and foremost, the Levorg is not being discontinued in Europe and will remain on sale across the continent. However, the Levorg will likely not continue to be sold in the UK only, due to Subaru focusing on its crossover lineup, consisting of the XV, Forester and Outback. Subaru UK PR official Dev Mistry further provided us with a UK market sales split forecast: 87 percent Core SUV (Outback, Forester and XV), 9 percent Sports/Performance (Levorg, BRZ, WRX), and 4 percent Impreza. These are approximate figures for the upcoming year. To recap, the Levorg wagon will continue to be on sale in Europe, but its UK future is uncertain.

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