Subaru Levorg STI Sport # Is The Closest Thing We'll Get To A New WRX STI Wagon

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The Japanese market gets all the cool special editions.

Subaru has revealed a special edition version of the Levorg wagon at the 2023 Tokyo Auto Salon; meet the Levorg STI Sport # - that's # as in the musical intonation 'sharp.' While not a genuine STI model - those are on ice until the brand is happy it can produce an EV that lives up the name - the Levorg STI Sport # is the closest thing the world will get to a new WRX STI wagon in factory form.

Limited to just 500 units and sold only in Japan, the special edition is based on the second-generation Levorg wagon and features a slew of special equipment, STI performance parts, and model-specific tuning. So what's so special?

Well, to start, the Levorg STI Sport # starts with the same 2.4-liter turbocharged Boxer four-cylinder as the Subaru WRX producing 271 horsepower and 277 lb-ft of torque. In traditional Subaru form, all-wheel drive is standard, but disappointingly, so too is a CVT gearbox.

Subaru Subaru Subaru Subaru

While the power outputs remain unchanged from the model they're based on, the STI Sport # features an enhanced transmission oil cooler and a dedicated transmission control unit.

There's a long list of performance part upgrades featured on the special edition, and STI has tuned the Levorg to improve steering and ride. The new performance parts are mainly in the suspension system and include a front strut brace between the shock towers and stiffer front and rear sway bars. The Levorg STI Sport # rides on 19-inch STI BBS wheels wrapped with Michelin Pilot Sport 5 tires.

Subaru Subaru Subaru Subaru

For the exterior, STI has leaned heavily into black trim and accents, including on the front and rear bumpers and the wing mirror caps. There's also the standard-issue STI badging for an STI car and an extra Symmetrical AWD badge to remind people that the Levorg features Subaru's benchmark all-wheel-drive system.

For the interior, Subaru started with extra damping materials to reduce noise before going nuts with Ultra Suede wrapped eight-way power Recaro seats for passenger and driver, suede with silver stitching trim for the doors, and over the instrument panel.

While we can't buy the Subaru Levorg STI Sport # in the US (we will not even get a new WRX STI), those that can will be spending around $45,000 on the awesome-looking wagon.

On the upside, at least this is better than the STI-spec Impreza Subaru revealed last week.

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