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Subaru Paints All Of Its Cars Heritage Blue For 50th Anniversary

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After 50 years in America, Subaru has good reason to celebrate.

It was 50 years ago this year when Malcolm Bricklin, having just sold off his first major business venture, sunk his teeth into the idea of importing Subarus for America. To be fair, his mission began as a search to import a scooter, and he'd settled on Fuji Heavy Industries' Rabbit, but the company was divesting from scooters. It was bad timing for Bricklin, it seemed. That was until he spotted the company's Subaru 360, a diminutive car that didn't require federalization due to its weight and could get 60 mpg. Perfect.

As they say, the rest is history. Bricklin's Subaru of America, as it was called, made brisk work of the initial Subaru 360 in 1968 and the later FF-1 Star in 1970. Subaru of America would later become a public company, which Fuji Heavy Industries would acquire and turn into a wholly owned subsidiary. To celebrate the last 50 years, Subaru has launched limited editions of all the models painted in Heritage Blue, a fitting tribute. The 50th anniversary models are all based on high-level trims; come with unique badging, wheels (excludes BRZ), satin-chrome side mirrors (excludes BRZ, WRX, and STI), and a bespoke black interior with silver contrast stitching.

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The cars will only be in limited numbers. WRX, STI and BRZ will have a combined total of 1,050 units available, and all other models will get 1,050 examples each. The Limited models are available now starting at $28,340 for the Impreza 2.0i Limited sedan and reaching as high as $41,195 for the WRX STI Limited before delivery and taxes.