Subaru Planning 3-Row Crossover

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In order to expand its customer base, Subaru is reportedly planning on launching a new three-row crossover that'll be larger than the Tribeca.

Unlike many other automakers during the economic recession, Subaru has actually been selling a record number of cars over the past few years in the US and other parts of the globe. Due to its ability to build quality cars with solid packaging and value, the Japanese automaker has managed to penetrate further into the US auto market with popular models such as the Impreza and best-selling Forester. Even the rear-wheel-drive BRZ is in hot demand, though there's not enough supply.

But now that competing automakers are getting back on track sales-wise, Subaru recognizes that it'll need new product in order to continue attracting new buyers without alienating current ones. Wards Auto is now claiming that after speaking with Subaru's product manager, Ken Lin, the automaker is seriously looking into building a new three-row crossover that has more interior space than the lackluster Tribeca. However, there are no immediate plans to cancel the Tribeca, whose third row is barely usable for adults and is best left for small children or with no seat at all.

Subaru also plans to offer more luxury features and its first hybrid model will debut later this year, although we don't know for which specific model just yet. Lin also made reference to a new sports car coming soon. That could be a reference to a turbo BRZ, or another model altogether, so we'll be watching to see how that development progresses, too.

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