Subaru Previews BRZ STI Upgrades

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Sooner or later, Subaru will unveil a turbocharged BRZ wearing the famous STI badge, but for now the base model is shown equipped with some STI exterior and interior upgrades.

Let's be clear: this is not the official unveiling of the upcoming Subaru BRZ STI. While the Japanese automaker hasn't given a specific date as to when we can expect the high-performance sportscar, it is however previewing some new STI-grade add-ons at the Australian Motor Show. This BRZ was developed by Subaru Tecnica International, which has changed nothing under the hood, but has added a new front splitter, rear diffuser, side skirts and rear spoiler for that STI look and aerodynamic proficiency.

17" alloys, upgraded muffler and a coil-over suspension with adjustable front struts aim to further optimize performance, while the interior has been upgraded with some choice touches. For now, this package is strictly for the Australian market but Subaru will likely offer it in other markets in the near future. A full-on STI model is expected next year further enhancements to include a turbocharged with as much as 274 horsepower.

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