Subaru's Global Platform Gives A Glimpse Into The Future

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Subaru plans to follow the trend of the rest of the automotive industry by introducing a modular chassis later this year. Its Subaru Global Platform will become the basis for all of the Japanese automaker's future cars and will first be seen on the new Impreza, which is set to go on sale later this year. According to Subaru, the new platform offers 70 to 100 percent greater rigidity compared to the brand's current vehicles. This should increase safety and make cars easier to drive.

Since the chassis is stiffer, less vibration will travel through the car, while a 40-percent increase in impact energy absorption will improve safety, as well. In addition to these benefits, drivers may have a more enjoyable time behind the wheel of the Subarus. The automaker claims that the new platform lowers the center of gravity by approximately 0.2 inches, which should sharpen handling characteristics. Engineers have also found a way to mount the rear stabilizer directly to the body, which is claimed to reduce body roll by 50 percent over its current models. The platform will also support hybrid, plug-in and EV drivetrains. Subaru is hard at work on creating more new models and a new platform will surely help sales.

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