Subaru's Key To Success? Quirkiness and Good Prices


The perks of being different.

If you really think about it, Subaru is quite different from its main Japanese automaker rivals. Honda and Toyota each have huge model lineups that, while not the most exciting, are meant to appeal to as large of a buying audience as possible. That's how you get bland, yet solid, strong-selling models like the Corolla. Subaru does things a bit differently, and it's got the sales numbers to prove it. The original sales goal outlined for 2013 was 365,000 units, but that turned out to be quite conservative.


By mid-spring that number was upped to 385,000. Today it's even higher at somewhere between 410,000 to 420,000 units. Since 2008 and every year since, Subaru has increased its sales projections during the year based on the ever increasing demand. Despite the Great Recession, Subaru managed to stay solid the entire time. So what's the secret to its success? It's a combination of "the right cars, enough inventory and marketing," according to the company's CEO of New England. In addition, Subaru has, according to Auto News, kept an unwavering dedication to a quirky, outdoorsy clientele that prizes function over high-tech glitz and plush interiors.

Basically, Subaru's formula is somewhat similar to what BMW was doing 10 years ago in terms of sincerity without any gimmicks. It also keeps its prices reasonable. So will Subaru be what BMW is today a decade from now. Performance and luxury wise, no. But in terms of an insanely loyal following and a brand personality that's truly unique? Absolutely.

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