Subaru's Legacy B4 Blitzen Concept Adds A Bit Of Excitement To An Otherwise Dull Car

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Is it too much to ask for a US-market production version?

There isn't anything that is glaringly wrong with the Subaru Legacy. It's just one of those cars that you don't pay much attention to because it's clearly intended for those who view cars as appliances. But Subaru brought a concept version of the car, called "Blitzen" to the Tokyo Auto Salon, and suddenly the car isn't looking so bad. There are quite a few exterior changes, with the rather unique rear wing probably being the most noticeable.

The interior has been thoroughly reworked as well, with a new two-tone color scheme that Subaru claims gives the car a more premium feel. Will it reach production? Good question. In Japan, maybe. For North America, fat chance.


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