Subaru's New SUV Has Opened The Door For A Modernized Truck


But should Subaru really consider it?

Subaru and Volkswagen were aiming straight for the wallets of Americans when each company chose to debut their seven-seat SUV offerings, the VIZIV-7 and Atlas, respectively. While the Subaru VIZIV-7 is just a concept from the Japanese automaker, it signals the Japanese firm is planning to enter the full-size SUV segment, likely because automakers need SUVs of all sorts to remain competitive at this time. On the other hand, the truck market is another booming industry in the US and has been for quite some time.

Even though Subaru isn't appealing to these buyers, rendering artist Theophilus Chin thought it would be fun to imagine what it would be like if it did. Taking images of the Subaru VIZIV-7 concept that was just unveiled at the LA Auto Show, the automotive renderer chopped off the roof behind the C pillars and turned the rear end into a bed. Given the VIZIV-7's tall and angular looks, a pickup truck version looks to be narrower and taller than most of the competition, but that may not be a bad thing. Interior room would be just as plentiful and even the embedded roof racks from the VIZIV-7 keep their rightful perch despite losing some of the rear end. We like where Theo Chin is going with this idea, but we highly doubt that Subaru feels the same way.

While Mercedes is seeing some of its best sales numbers thanks to a bloated SUV lineup, it's only now begun working on a truck. Once that is out, Mercedes won't be selling it in the US, which means that the automaker does not see bringing its truck to America as a worthwhile endeavor. US automakers have the truck segment well cornered and even when Japanese competitors have tried to step in, success has only been marginal at best. It would make more sense for Subaru to make a full-size truck for the US than it would for Mercedes, but given that the automaker is only now getting a move on making a seven-seat full-size SUV, we can safely say a truck won't be coming anytime soon. Unless it looked like these.

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