Subaru's Strange Answer to America's Chicken Tax

A truly ingenious way to beat the system.

Subaru has always been known as a quirky automaker. Compared to its fellow Japanese brands, it tends to do things just a bit differently. There’s the standard all-wheel-drive as well as models like the WRX and Outback. In fact, the original Outback is widely considered to be one of the very first CUVs. But before any of those cars were on the market, there was one old Subaru that’s still peculiar to this day, the Brat.

This two-door "trucklet" was Subaru’s answer to America’s infamous and highly annoying chicken tax. This law, which is still in effect today, subjects all pickups not built in the US to a 25 percent import tax. And this 1978 Subaru Brat beat the system in a genius way. Motor Trend’s Jonny Lieberman goes for a test drive and falls in love.

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