Subaru's Viziv GT Concept Probably Isn't What You Imagine From A Subaru Race Car, But It Is Glorious

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But yes, you can get it in blue.

We know that this car only exists in a video, but try to work with us here. Subaru's is not one of the badges which people tend to imagine on the nose of a long, low and wide 591-horsepower GT car, but that's just what we're looking at here. The car is the Viziv GT Concept, and being a GT6-exclusive, it is very much geared towards motorsports. It is supposedly powered by a 2.0-liter H4 and three electric motors. Interesting.

But would Subaru ever actually build such a thing? Well, it couldn't even build the BRZ alone, so we won't hold our breath. Maybe hope for another rally car.

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