Subaru Sells Celebrates Record UK Sales, With Stunning New 300-HP Wagon


One of the few times it's beneficial to be a country with right hand drive.

We're sure you've noticed that there are a lot of great Japanese cars that never make it over to the US. That's because, with cars that are going to have a limited appeal here, it's rarely worth incurring the cost of not only importing them, but also converting them to left hand drive. This is the same reason why we get so few Australian models. But for right hand drive markets like the UK, the gamble isn't so great, especially at a time when the company is selling a record number of cars.

This is why Subaru, which in 2014 sold 23 percent more cars than in its previous record year in the UK, has just announced that the previously JDM-only Levorg will be heading to the UK. It is basically just a more car-like and less crossover-like version of the Legacy, but also with more cargo space in the back. That's good news for the people who like to both carry cargo and drive an actual car, and the available 300-horsepower engine and manual transmission make this a very appealing choice for performance wagon fans. Hopefully all of these options will be available when the car makes it to UK dealerships.


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