Subaru Sends Off WRX STI With Special TC 380

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380 horsepower may be unleashed only in Japan.

With 310 horsepower on tap, the current Subaru WRX STI is no slouch. And the next version promises to be even better. Before Subaru sends its current road-going rally machine sliding sideways off into the sunset, though, it's apparently planning an even more powerful version. But like so many other versions that have come and gone, this one's likely to be restricted exclusively to the Japanese automaker's home market. came across this solitary teaser image, apparently released by Subaru. It shows only a badge, but that badge speaks volumes, bearing the nameplate TC 380.


We can only guess as to what the letters stand for. (Turbocharged? Touring Car? Time Challenge?) But the numbers suggests an engine output ratcheted up to 380 horsepower.

That'd be a significant increase over the existing STI's 310 hp, let alone the base WRX's 268, but not so far that it'd seem impossible. Subaru has proven a knack, after all, for squeezing the most it can out of the little boxer four. And it could hike the torque rating along with it. But the boost in output likely wouldn't be the only enhancement applied to the special-edition Rex.


We could also expect enhanced suspension, rolling stock, and aero kit as well. But the chances of Subaru selling the TC 380 outside of the Japanese Domestic Market seem slim.

The current WRX debuted in 2014, with the STI following the year after – both dropping the Impreza name with which they were long linked in previous iterations, much like the XV Crosstrek that took the place of the previous Outback Sport. The next iteration could be more closely aligned with the mass-market version, but don't expect it to pull any punches, one way or another.


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