Subaru Set To Announce Major Recall In America?

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If so, will your Subie be affected?

Despite stellar sales over the past few years and the highly successful launch of its all-new three-row Ascent crossover, there could be some not so good news coming up for Subaru. According to The Asahi Shimbun, Subaru will issue a recall for hundreds of thousands of vehicles in both Japan and the US. The reason? A faulty engine part. We've reached out to Subaru for comment and we'll update this space once we hear back.

Based on the limited information we have so far, a valve spring could break and hamper engine function. A broken spring such as this could cause several problems, such as compression loss and severe internal engine damage. If the spring breaks, it could possibly collapse just enough to enable the valve to drop into the cylinder, where the piston could hit it.

Aside from the BRZ, no other models have so far been specifically mentioned, but we expect there will be more. And yes, the Toyota 86, jointly developed with the BRZ, will also need to be recalled because both coupes share an engine. Subaru is expected to notify the Japanese transportation ministry sometime in the next few days and full details will likely be made available at that time. It's important to point out that most Subarus for the American market are actually built in America, specifically in Lafayette, Indiana.

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The Legacy, Outback, Impreza, and Ascent are all built there, while the Forester, WRX, WRX STI, and BRZ are assembled in Japan. Again, we don't know just yet which specific models are affected, but it's possible only Japanese-built vehicles will be recalled, based on the BRZ fact. More details will arrive by November 5, the day when Subaru will not only release a quality report, but also its financial state for the half-year period. We'll keep you posted.


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