Subaru Sues One Of Its Own Dealerships For Falsifying Customer Surveys


Oh boy, it's so scandalous.

Providing quality customer service is important to every automaker these days, and dealerships are at the forefront of this. Having a bad sales experience reflects badly on the brand as a whole, it's that simple. But now one Subaru dealership is being sued by Subaru itself for being lying, cheating, scumbags. South Coast Subaru in suburban Los Angeles, California, has been accused and now sued by Subaru for fraud.

It's emerged that a group of dealer employees, under orders from management, falsified customer satisfaction surveys. They basically got together during their lunch breaks and falsified the reports. The staffers provided Subaru with fake email addresses for dealership sales and service customers. Those surveys were actually sent to the employees. They, and not the customers, filled out the forms which were later emailed to Subaru corporate. A total of 224 surveys were filled out by those employees in 2014 alone and, as expected, gave the dealer high marks. Subaru discovered the fraud because the surveys were sent from the same IP address as South Coast Acura, another dealer owned by the same group.

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