Subaru SUVs are the Real Deal when Fighting Mud

The Forester, XV Crosstrek, and Outback go outside to play.

In many ways, Subaru has created an automotive niche all of its own. Really, can you name another carmaker that sells a rear-wheel-drive pure sports coupe, a rally-inspired small performance sedan, and three SUVs that can handle just about any obstacle tossed in their way? This is why we love Subaru. Some call it quirky. Others think its models look somewhat lame and boxy. Whatever your opinion, it’s hard to argue that Subaru doesn’t know what it’s doing.

The BRZ is a bit of an enigma, a deviation away from its all-wheel-drive foundations. Off-road capabilities and that go-anywhere attitude is what gets people to buy Subies. And this short video showcases just what its SUVs are capable of, filmed without any use of computer graphics.

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