Subaru Takes You Behind The Scenes Of Travis Pastrana's Gymkhana 2022

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Subaru will chronicle the creation of the latest Gymkhana in a multi-part series.

Subaru is documenting the behind-the-scenes effort that went into creating Travis Pastrana's insane Gymkhana 2022 in a new video series. Launch Control is Subaru's video coverage of its rally efforts with drivers like the incredibly talented Travis Pastrana, which typically entails glossy footage of a built Subaru WRX sliding through the woods at Mach 9. This time around, however, we get to see what goes into making an installment of the famous Gymkhana video series, from stunt choreography to vehicle construction.

The video even showcases new footage of the terrible accident that occurred during filming in which Pastrana broke his back while parachuting.

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The way Pastrana and the team tell it, Florida was an obvious choice to plan the next Gymkhana film. It fit "that kind of 80s theme" mirrored by the vehicle for this outing - a modified 1980s Subaru GL wagon. The folks over at Hoonigan have already chronicled the development of the 'Family Huckster' at length, but the video touches on this again as well.

However, what we didn't know was how long the idea of the Subaru GL-based car took to formulate. The team at Vermont Sports Car built a tube chassis before the final design was even solidified. Things were kept very quiet, and only a small team could work on the car at Subaru's behest.

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As for the location, the idea was to show many things that may not immediately spring to mind when we think "Florida." So, a little less Miami and a little more Everglades while making things visually different than what we've seen in Gymkhana films previously.

While it's difficult to even discuss Gymkhana days after the tragic passing of Ken Block, the video shows the commitment Pastrana has towards the franchise that was started by Block and Subaru. Subaru's commitment, even this many years later, is mighty impressive. If only the company would give us a new WRX STI to continue the Gymkhana legacy.

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