Subaru Talks 2015 WRX; Still Boring to Look At

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It's a shame the passion to achieve its performance specs didn't exist on the drawing board.

If you only listened to the audio from this new Subaru produced video, then you'd likely imagine the 2015 WRX to be something truly worth spending your hard earned dollars on. Open your eyes and you may have second thoughts. As we've previously noted, the new WRX, despite being an impressive piece of performance technology, looks horribly bland. Like Toyota Corolla with a hood scoop bland. We had such high design expectations for this car.

We thought it would be based on the WRX concept from last March (though everyone is now hoping it was actually an STI preview), and yet on paper its specs are damn impressive. 0-60 mph happens in just over five seconds and Subaru is claiming it's the sharpest-handling, best-performing WRX ever.

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