Subaru Teases BRZ STI, LA Premiere Possible

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Scion FR-S turbo out, Subaru BRZ STI in. The premiere could happen as early as this November.

It has begun. Subaru has begun unveiling teaser images of the highly anticipated BRZ STI. For as far back as we can remember, Subaru has never missed the opportunity to deny the existence of this car, but refused to flat-out say that it would never happen. Basically, the Japanese automaker wants to release the BRZ STI when it's good and ready. It cannot, repeat, cannot be a failure. Why exactly? Last week's report claiming that there will be no FR-S turbo was a huge let down, so now it'll be up to the BRZ STI to carry the torch.

These teaser images, originally revealed on a Japanese website, reveal very little. The only bit of information Subaru gave was the slogan "Purity of Handling". That's good enough for us at the moment, and an LA Auto Show premiere this November is a darn good possibility. Will the BRZ STI deliver? Will it have the desired 250-275 horsepower output we've been craving? Hopefully we'll find out soon enough.

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