Subaru Tempt a Pair of Enthusiasts to Try Out the 2013 BRZ

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Such is the popularity of this car Subaru can barely keep up with demand.

The highly-anticipated BRZ is meant to hit U.S. showrooms imminently priced at $25,495 for the base and $27,495 for the Premium model. On one of their recent photo shoots, Subaru invited a couple of enthusiasts along to check out the car they have been reading about since before it debuted in concept form. Powered by a new Subaru-developed 2.0-liter boxer engine equipped with Toyota's D4-S direct injection system, total output is 197hp and 151lb-ft of torque.

Buyers have a choice between either a six-speed manual or six-speed automatic with paddle shifters. Along with its siblings, the Scion FR-S and Toyota GT86, the BRZ will require premium fuel in order to achieve the full horsepower potential.

As you can imagine, they only have positive things to say about the car just like everyone else that has driven it. Let's hope they already put in an order for one, as some reports suggest it may be as late as 2013 before people's orders actually materialize.

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