Subaru Thinks 100,000 Of Its Turbocharged Models Could Catch Fire


An odd, possibly overdue recall set to happen.

As far as recalls go, we reckon the most common result from a factory is a possible fire breaking out in a car. Gasoline and fire take no prisoners and related recalls aren't limited to one manufacturer. We've seen warnings from the likes of FCA for its Maseratis, over 200,000 models in a single recall from Volkswagen and even the possibility of a Ferrari recall on the LaFerrari. This new recall recently issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration relates to up to 100,000 Subaru models.

Some of the models in this recall are already getting on in years, which is odd for a recall like this. Two models possibly affected are nearly 10 years old now, the 2007-2009 Outback and the 2007-2009 Legacy. The rest of the cars that will need to visit a workshop include the 2008-2014 Impreza and the 2009-2013 Forester. The normally aspirated versions (yeah, people did actually buy them) are exempt from this recall as it's believed that only turbocharged models are affected. According to the sales of the cars affected that number will be up near 100,000. But think about it, how many unmodified Subarus do you know of? That number should drop by a fair margin if you take that into account.

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According to the NHTSA, on these turbocharged models the secondary air injection pump may fail which will cause the pump to continuously operate and as a result, overheat. If the air injection pump does overheat, there's a possibility that it may melt, and with enough heat to melt things, a fire is just a light breeze and some combustible parts away from sending a car up in flames. Subaru will notify owners of the potential problem and dealers will replace the air injection pump free of charge. With used ones found on eBay for an average of $199 that's a pretty costly repair bill. The only saving grace is the age of some of the cars. There's quite probably many that have been scrapped since then... or burnt out.