Subaru Turns Up The Heat With Its Red Hot New Impreza

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Hopefully the focused and aggressive design is telling of how it drives.

The Subaru Impreza tends to go through a five-year refresh cycle, which means that it's due for an upgrade. After showing off the hatchback Impreza at the Tokyo Auto Show and then leaking a teaser photo of the sedan, Subaru has finally taken the wraps off the concept version of the upcoming sedan. Set to arrive later next year, the new car borrows a lot of style from the aggressive and muscular hatchback version. The headlights on the concept sharpen up the smooth hood and lines of definition that flow to the sides of the car make it look strong.

According to Subaru, they actually help to make the car more aerodynamic while keeping with the brand's new design language dubbed "Dynamic X Solid Design." Combine the focused look of the car with the lower and wider stance and you get a car that looks aggressive enough to challenge a tiger. And it just might be, given that it rides on Subaru's new modular platform. The company hasn't opened its mouth about what will lie under the hood, but given the car's aggressive looks, its fairly safe to assume that a rumbly boxer engine will give the car its punch. If Subaru keeps the ruby red metallic color with gloss black accents from the concept as an option, there's no doubt they will sell like hotcakes.

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