Subaru Unleashes WRX Concept


Concept previews next-generation rally monster for the street at the New York Auto Show.

As promised (and previewed in the leaked images), Subaru has rolled in to New York this year with more than just the XV Hybrid, keeping out appetites whet with the WRX Concept seen here. Although not yet confirmed for production, the show car is expected to lead to the next-generation performance sedan that is being separated (similar to the Nissan GT-R from the Skyline range) into its own stand-alone model. With little in the way of details to go on, the Subaru WRX Concept stands for the time being as a show car, and a showy one at that.

The muscular shape packs a hexagonal grille, topped by a gaping hood intake, anchored by an aggressive lower fascia and flanked by some very mean-looking headlights. Bulging wheel arches pack 20" BBS wheels on Dunlop rubber, the rear diffuser houses quad tailpipes, the roof is made of carbon fiber to help lower the center of gravity and the overall shape makes the BRZ (as much as we love it) look like a dainty little toy. The concept’s footprint is actually a bit shorter than the Impreza, but pushes the wheels out to the corners on a longer wheelbase that's also three inches wider and sits another three inches squatter.

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Decked out in a new shade of electric blue, the WRX concept would pack a new turbocharged, intercooled engine (tipped to be a new type of hybrid) driving all four wheels in traditional Subaru style. We’re looking forward to seeing the finished product hit showrooms and streets later this year.