Subaru Viziv Tourer Concept Is The Wagon You Want But Don't Deserve

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Subaru Viziv Tourer taunts us with its wagon-y sexiness, but it would never come here if it went to production.

European auto shows are always a hard time for me. Be it Frankfurt, Paris or Geneva, those shows are always the stage for the latest sexiest wagons crazy Europeans can think of. Well, this one is actually Japanese, but the Continent's appetite for long roof practicality and styling make it the natural location for any brand to display their wagon game. Subaru has come to the 2018 Geneva Motor Show with the third of its compact concepts in the past year, the Viziv Tourer.

This one previews Subaru's design direction in this segment just as the Viziv Performance and Viziv Performance STI sparked our imagination of what the future holds for WRX and STI. This is a very rough sketch of a concept as these things go, without any personal assistants or hydrogen-powered levitation, but Subaru did go out on a limb to reassure us it is designed around a Symmetrical AWD drivetrain powered by a boxer engine with "in a tourer form enabling drivers and passengers to fully savor the enjoyment of travelling by car."

Subaru does pay some lip service to autonomous driving, saying it will take advantage of advanced driver-assist functions using the next-generation EyeSight system as well as other systems intended to "reduce driver fatigue" and "enable active enjoyment of driving with peace of mind." So yeah, it should bring lots of enjoyment to savor. Anyhow, Subaru was surprisingly specific when it comes to dimensions, noting it measures 188 in. (4,775 mm) long, 76 in. (1,930 mm) wide and 56.5 in. (1,435 mm) tall with a 107.5 in. (2,730 mm) wheelbase.

While everyone is quick to point to their WRX wagon dreams, those dimensions are a heck of a lot closer to the Legacy sedan (L/W/H/WB: 188.8/72.4/59.0/108.3 in.), so let's start talking about the return of a Legacy Wagon, people! Who's with me? No, nobody? Ferris? Well, it may be wishful thinking, but Subaru did point out the concept evokes "successive generations of Subaru touring wagon models that have paired superior driving with high levels of practicality," which sounds a whole heck of a lot like a Legacy Wagon 2.5GT from the good ole' days if you ask me. Here's to hoping. Fingers crossed.


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