Subaru WRX Concept Revealed Early

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Could this be the concept version of the next-generation WRX? We're willing to bet it is.

Aside from its first hybrid model, Subaru previously hinted that it would unveil a new "performance concept car" at this year's New York Auto Show. Well, here it is – the WRX Concept, a very clear preview of the next-gen, all-wheel-drive, rally-inspired fun machine. These leaked images have made their way online just ahead of the new concept's official debut, expected to occur later today. But for now, we can drool over what looks like a rather enticing concept car.

Styling-wise, the formerly squared-off angles of the current and past WRXs have been replaced by much sleeker lines but the must-have hood scoop and wide stance remain. What we're not seeing, however, are the rear wing and gold wheels. For tradition's sake, let's hope they're both added on the road to production. Subaru hasn't given any clear indicator yet in regards to power output, but expect to see a turbocharged boxer-four under the hood that'll be good for around 275 to 300 horsepower. We're expecting full details from Subaru shortly so stay tuned.

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