Subaru WRX Loses Engine And Transmission In Brutal Crash

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Despite being ejected from the car, the driver somehow survived.

The driver of this mangled Subaru WRX learned the hard way that speeding through a residential street is never a smart idea. On Facebook, local resident Allan Keith posted chilling photos showing the remains of a second-generation Subaru WRX after a violent crash happened in his neighborhood in Utah.

As you can see, the crash was so brutal that the engine, exhaust, and transmission were sent flying and landed in someone's yard. Like the drivetrain, the male driver was ejected from the car in the crash as they weren't wearing a seatbelt.

Reports suggest the driver was drunk and speeding around 80 mph in a 30-mph zone. They reportedly swerved to avoid a bike and slammed into a parked car, causing extensive damage to the Scooby.

"So this just happened right in front of our house on a 30 mph road. Yes, that is a complete engine and exhaust sitting in our neighbor's driveway. The man wasn't wearing a seatbelt and was ejected out of the vehicle as well. The car was a Subaru WRX," Keith wrote on Facebook.

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Miraculously, the driver only suffered "a severe concussion, broken ribs, and a broken hip" according to the Facebook post, despite being thrown out of the car. Looking at the photos of the wrecked WRX, the driver is lucky to have survived with only these injuries. It's also fortunate that no one else was involved in the accident, as the flying parts could have injured or killed someone. Sadly, the Subaru WRX doesn't look salvageable, but it's a testament to modern car safety that the passenger cell is still intact.

If you feel the need for speed, this is another reminder that it's best to stick to the race track and not a public road.

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