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Subie WRX Hatchback? Nope, Ain't Happening

Why not? It's too expensive to develop.

Earlier this month we reported that Subaru hasn’t entirely given up on the idea of offering the new WRX (read: NOT the WRX STI) as a hatchback as well as a sedan. A WRX Project Manager by the name of Masuo Takatsu told an Australian publication that after receiving strong interest in the US, Subaru was now considering a WRX hatch. After all, sales of the previous-gen model saw nearly fifty percent of buyers opting for the five-door hatch.

Even the previous WRX STI five-door was a solid sales success. Sadly, Subaru opted to make the new model a sedan only, claiming it would have been too expensive to develop and build both. Damn shame, we know. Following Takatsu’s comments, however, Subaru USA officials were confused. They hadn’t heard a thing about a possible new WRX five-door. Motor Trend claim they then got on the phone with the home office in Japan to discuss and clarify things. And now the official company line is this: no WRX hatchback is planned. Was Takatsu misquoted? Something lost in translation? Both are entirely possible.

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